Real Silicone Dolls for sale or Japanese Silicone Doll with Attractive Curves

Understanding silicone dolls for sale
July 18, 2016
Why Silicone Adult Dolls Are Becoming More and More Popular
July 18, 2016
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Real Silicone Dolls for sale or Japanese Silicone Doll with Attractive Curves

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Get the sex dream doll today. Made to fulfill your intense sexual desires, the japanese silicone doll has the right vagina for your hard genitals. The hard plastic body is designed to give you a real sensation of sexual pleasure night after night.

Realistic looks and feel
Since you decide the size of her areola and color of the skin, the Japanese silicone doll in your arms is the one you like the most. The face is so attractive you can put the doll in your living room as well. Dress them up and drink tea with them before you begin your love making the session.

Choose the model you want
Always eager to be with you to fulfill your sexual fantasies, this Japanese silicone doll comes in a removable or fixed vagina. Removable vagina helps you keep her clean. If you want anal or oral sex with your beautiful doll, then that is great since her mouth is shaped to accommodate you perfectly. Her anal hole is 6.7” and vagina is 7.1”, just perfect for lovemaking.

Accessories with your love partner
Your silicone sex doll comes with a hairbrush, a wig, dress, lotion to remove the stain, heat stick, and cleaning equipment. Use the heat stick to warm up your love mate before you begin your lovemaking.

Different types of models
You find the stand-up model and the lie down one for those who prefer to have sex in different positions. When ordering, specify the color of the eye, the color of the skin and the hair. The models come in different heights with normal breasts and big breasts. Choose any type you want. Have a glorious time, every day of your life.

We door to deliver the Japanese silicone doll to your address. We maintain privacy and use plain package material. This helps to keep your secret safe. You got the best and safest way to increases the pleasure in your life.

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