Real Silicone Sex Dolls Vs Plastic Sex Dolls

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July 18, 2016
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November 16, 2016
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Real Silicone Sex Dolls Vs Plastic Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have no doubt become popular. With the evolution of sex dolls from plastic dolls to real silicone dolls, the benefits gotten are more than the guaranteed sexual satisfaction. However looking around, many fake sex dolls sites are still selling plastic sex dolls as the better option. This is often done by them dwelling on price and how much you are going to save and still get the benefits, which is far from the case. But why should you choose real silicone dolls over plastic sex dolls?


Fantasy woman

Plastic sex dolls look exactly as they are called, plastic. In this regard looking the same way as a bat or a cup, it is highly unlikely it will arouse your sexual needs. This is even with hair and the perfect shape manufactured in. However this is very different from real silicone dolls. Not only do they look real but they also feel real as any other human. As if that is not enough when it comes to variety that is what you get, by getting a custom made sex doll, you get the benefit of choosing everything from the size of the breasts, the nipples, type of vagina, size of hips, hair, eye color and much more. In the end you will have no one else to fantasize about but your sex doll back at home.



Love hole

With sexual satisfaction as the main aim, you will most likely want to be satisfied as soon as the urge arises. However when doing this, you obviously want the best pleasures. Think of inserting your penis to the love hole and it feels stiff, constricted and is unbearably loose or very tight. Will you be able to have a good time let alone reach orgasm? Obviously you wouldn’t and this is what plastic sex dolls offer. On the other hand looking at real silicone dolls, not only have then been made to adjust with you but their smooth velvety love hole will give you immeasurable pleasure. Still when it comes to cleaning, you will not have to worry about missing some parts or worse still some parts breaking convicting you to a life of bruises in future sexual activities. Instead you will have the pleasure of having it clean and ready for you.

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